What IEU Students said about IEU ?

Posted: May 12, 2010 in IEU
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Hi, My name’s Rizal .. I am now in the final semester. I’ve got a lot of things in the IEU. I got  very wide knowledge about the real business world. Because all the lecturers who teach at IEU  also involved in the real business. As an example of our marketing lecturer, he has a lot of knowledge about business at home and abroad. And he’s really running the business. With that I can know the ins and outs of business at home and abroad. And opened my eyes to business opportunities are out there.

Environment in IEU is also very fun. Eventhough my position as a foreign student, my friends in IEU can accept and help me to adapt well. And the lecturers are also very open and can appre ciate the ideas given by students. It makes me comfortable to learn at IEU.

IEU has various certificates and awards the international level. One of them is the International Standard Organization (ISO 9001:2008 IWA 2, special for international higher education) that allows me to work abroad. All the reasons that made me choose IEU as a place to study in Indonesia. In my opinion IEU is the best choice to learn the business, before I involved in the real business world.

(Muhammad Rizal, IEU Student 2007,  Foreign Student From Malaysia)

Life is a whole lot more colorful at IEU. We learned to be more creative, and the best part is that, the lecturers’ actually listen to what we (the students) say. Here, we are free to be whoever we wanted to be, and are free to say whatever comes in our mind (in a good way, of course). We have our right as a student, and respected too. ^^

Without no doubt, I’d say IEU’s the best choice that I’ve ever made. I’ve had many interesting experiences at IEU; very friendly lecturers and friends. I found togetherness in IEU, I felt like I have a new family during my study at IEU. They really helped me through my weaknesses, and I enjoy studying at IEU very much. 😀

So, come join us! We’d be glad to have you as our new family members! (^o^”)//

(Stephanie Caroline, IEU Student 2009, Ciputra High School)

IEU merupakan salah satu universitas yang peduli terhadap masa depan mahasiswanya…Dalam arti sistem pembelajaran di IEU tidak monoton seperti universitas lainnya, yang bisa dikatakan bahwa para Alumnus IEU dapat menghadapi dunia kerja secara langsung karena di IEU tidak di ajarkan secara teori saja tapi di ikuti praktek kerja juga… Seperti bagaimana kita bisa mengatur perusahaan yang sudah berjalan maupun perusahaan yang akan berjalan…

Seperti yang saya alami, sebelum saya masuk IEU, saya adalah seorang manager suatu perusahaan dimana saya bekerja masih belum memiliki pengalaman dan teori bagaimana saya memulai dan mengatur perusahaan yang saya tangani. Setelah perusahaan berjalan 6 bulan saya mendaftar kuliah di IEU.. Dimana saya sangat merasa menyesal karena tidak dari dulu saya masuk ke kuliah IEU, Kuliah di IEU saya merasakan mendapat banyak manfaat.. Juga birokrasi di IEU tidak serumit seperti di universitas lainnya..

(Diaztama Putra Pamungkas, IEU Students 2007, SMA Muhammadiyah 2 Surabaya)


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