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STIE IEU Surabaya was established in 1990 and began Business Administration Program for Undergraduate and Graduate students. Undergraduate (SE and BBA) Program, to educate students who graduate from high school and Graduate (MM and MBA) Program for those who have Undergraduate degree. Based on the : SK Dirjen DIKTI No. 2241/D/T/2003, SK Dirjen DIKTI No. 1601/D/T/2005 (for Undergraduate Program) and SK Dirjen DIKTI No. 1597/D/T/2005 (for Graduate Program), IEU was fully accredited by the Ministry of Education of The Republic of Indonesia.

The goal of IEU program is to train international business knowledge. Therefore, IEU has been working together with IMI (International Management Institute) Antwerp – Belgium in the form of full affiliation. The affiliation is in the forms of Standardization of Academic Curriculum, Overseas Job Training, Faculty and Student Exchange Program. All the courses given at STIE IEU Surabaya are transferable to IMI, Antwerp – Belgium.

Vision : IEU is committed to become the best business school of change and development

Mision :

  1. To create learning process that able to adapt with changing environment.
  2. Develop dual systems and dual degree education, a program that combines domestic and foreign learning experience.
  3. Adopt competence based edcuation directly.
  4. Generate international quality of graduates.

Uniqueness :

  1. Using English as as medium of instruction of all medium processes.
  2. Applying full international cutticulum for undergraduate and graduate program.
  3. Offering international standard education at an affordable cost.
  4. Relevance study focus on strategies to confront the global monetary crisis.

Undergraduate Program (SE and BBA)
IEU offers undergraduate program in three majors :

  1. Sarjana Ekonomi (in International Business Management)
  2. Sarjana Ekonomi (in International Accounting)
  3. Sarjana Ekonomi (in Business Information Systems)

Graduate Program (MM and MBA)
IEU offer graduate program in major : Magister Management (in International Business Management)

The programs offered at IEU are designed to develop the following skill and knowledge :

  1. The students will have sequential throught process which is essential to make sound judgment, logical expression and effective communication.
  2. The students will have ability to analyze problems from economic, social and humanistic perspective.
  3. The students will have ability to apply sound managerial and technological method in their job.
  4. The students will have ability to find solutions and to make recommendations regarding real life corporate programs.

These objectives call for dynamic method of teaching through individual as well as group assignment, presentation, exercises and case studies. The lecturers are expected to keep course materials up to date with the changing environment of the business world. As the leading Business School in Indonesia, IEU delivers quality ready-to-use human resources to Indonesia as well as to the world. From its inception, IEU has been programming its curriculum to unite theory and practice as well as knowledge and service to provide the foundation for a good life and successful career.

Program Options

  1. A three – four year program of Sarjana Ekonomi (SE) or one – two year program for Magister Management (MM) at IEU.
  2. A three year program study for SE or one year program study for MM at IEU and then continues one summer semester at International Management Institute, Antwerp – Belgium, to obtain both SE and BBA or MM and MBA degree from IMI.

The Pragmatic Courses Based
The courses are essentially practical and more communication. This means that, in the class focus not to the lecture but focus to the students (Student Centered Learning). This practical approach to learning is done through case study, and solving the actual problems which arise in the business world. The students should read all the facts of given cases, identifying and analyzing the problems faced by the corporating in question, then proposing solutions and defending their positions in the class presentations both individually as well as the group.

Our lecturers have other careers in addition to teaching. Thin ensures the practical nature of our curriculumand makes is possible for the students to benefit from the experience of our lecturers throughout theinbusiness career. We believe such a practice is good for our lecturers and help us to maintain a high standard of teaching.

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    Kalau Progam Untuk Yang Sudah Bekerja dan Ingin Malanjutkan Kuliah (Kuliah Sore / Malam Sepulang Kerja) Apakah Ada???

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